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The Republic of Macedonia is an occupied state. The occupier is Jess Baily, an exponent of a Washington political underground called the Deep State, a CIA maniac, and a set of European gangsters with colonial barbaric predispositions.

Since its independence, Macedonia has been under attack by NATO, a military alliance of Euro-Atlantic slave owners. The Macedonian people have a job with a mature, developed, well versed fascism from the outside and a fifth column composed of degenerates, who have a problem with themselves as genderless creatures. These lunatics see themselves as advanced Westerners, although in reality they are incomplete creatures, psychotics with disturbed mental health, with no sense for morals and responsibility.

In this latest occupation which marks the Centennial Jubilee of the Bucharest Agreement, Macedonia entered silently (Zaev’s smoke bombs being the exception) over an alleged political agreement of four party heads outside state institutions and contrary to the constitution. In Przino.

It can be freely concluded that Macedonia and Macedonians as people are the experimental victims of a global Mengele Laboratory for the production of detached humanoids. This GMO variety of humanoids produced by the CIA, which today marches across America, Canada and Europe under the codename millennials, has also made a terrific start in Macedonia. Zaev’s followers who pretend to be a political party, accompanied by the mentally unfit bots of Soros, USAID and the United Kingdom. If something is ridiculous in this whole orchestrated insanity is the fact that the entire political elite capitulated to these degenerates.

Still standing are the Macedonian people who at this point are dazed and confused by how easy all state institutions capitulated to an Albanian, Greek and Bulgarian platform coordinated by a fascist American-EU laboratory.

To deal with a severe diagnosis of incurable disease which persistently works behind the back of the population and act as if this is a procedural democratic normality, instead of radically preventing it from attacking your body, it is stupidity of epic proportions that can not be justified by anything now or a thousand years from now. Our domestic leaders should put serious thought into what they are (not) doing: Invisible Ivanov who continues to pretend to be a head of state and supreme commander, the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE who continues to pretend to be an opposition in occupied Parliament and the judicial instances who continue to pretend to be in charge and take orders from lunatics, degenerates and maniac ambassadors.

In this ambience in front of Ilinden we’re expecting the content of the Bulgarian ultimatum, which will open our gates to hell, and it is called entry into the NATO-EU concentration camp. This is “normal” for super advanced earthling Mirjana Najčevska, for the gay-lesbian communities, the USAid plenums and incomplete creatures who on daily basis invent a new identity from the latest products of Mengele’s lab (there are currently 32 varieties).

The real Macedonia is something completely different. Political, philosophical, ideologically it is a Republic of free and self-conscious people. A century ago the original TMORO, VMRO, Ilinden were the only ones fighting for a Republic in a tsarist Europe who became a fascist entity 70 years ago, and today when it’s under a sustained attack by the neofascist “Deep State” and their quisling EU vassals. Macedonians are shocked how Zaev and his mentally unfit yet progressive lunatics have an understanding for every GMO identity, for all creatures aspiring to be a Napoleon, Beyonce, Azis, for all Albanians, Greeks and Bulgarians who live in the matrix, but they have no understanding or are free-minded towards the Macedonian national identity with all its historical dimensions.

We will have to fight for our identity. All of us. Everyone alone. We must realize for once that everyone frees themselves first, alone. When your house burns, you first take the hose. Afterwards you will get help. Then the leaders will appear. And we will recognize them. Each of us must start his own struggle for freedom from these fascists. By fighting, not by mumbling, whispering and crawling before a brutal and deadly fascism. Not with calculations.

In such struggles, the phrase whether it pays off to lose your life for ideals (because they are for fools) is equal to the diagnosis that we’ve accepted the life of a nameless person, without memory, who chose “freedom” of a broiler in a concentration camp under the control of degenerates along the likes in the current government appointed by Baily. We, the sane people cannot give legitimacy to this illegally installed manic-psychotic state. Neither symbolically nor factual. Some want to play ‘the opposition’, others to parade like an imbecile in front of Jess Bailey. In order to bring our Republic back to life, we need courage and determination.

In such struggles there will be blood and death and prisons and severe wounds of all kinds. The first temptation awaits us on August 2.

But there is no other way to secure the life of our offspring. The goal is simple, but of utmost importance. The Macedonian people who are being dismantled by mentally disordered quislings for the needs of the European fascists next door will have to organize a new ASNOM and a new constitution. The same as the American constitution, which was a template for ASNOM who currently is being defecated on by all of our ‘political elites’.

The creators of the US Constitution, far-sighted wise men, have cracked a system of government-related bans. It’s a constitution for negative rights. The aim was to prevent the republic from becoming tyrannical. The goal was to make the government afraid of the people and to stand before them. The goal was for the American people to be sovereign because by birth and by God’s providence, the right to freedom belongs to you naturally. In such a case, every state institution will function. At home, after multiple interventions during gangster-like conditions, our original ASNOM Constitution became anti-people and at the moment is in function of protecting foreign and domestic degenerates and their installations. For this reason, no one cares what the majority likes or approves and is being openly treated like livestock.

After last year’s election, won by Donald Trump, the Americans voiced their determination to restore the republic and the constitution to life. Almost ten months a tough battle is taking place at all levels and in all instances with the swamp seated in Congress, the Senate, the judiciary, the parties, the state services and the media. There is a battle for the field, for every person who has not become infected by the fascist globalist madness. Such a struggle is being conducted in Europe, the cradle of fascism. Such a fight is awaiting Macedonia.

After the victory there will be no amnesia, no amnesty, but only a general deep cleaning. //Mirka Velinovska

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